Charity Never Faileth to Make February Wonderful

I can’t believe we are in a brand new month. Everyone knows that February is the month of Valentines. I also know this can be a difficult month if your single, divorced, widowed or seperated. Single or not, if you are interested, I have put together a month long plan to make February a month to look forward to by making it a month centered on Charity, the pure love of Christ.

I love the motto “Charity Never Faileth”. This means no matter what, if we have Charity in our hearts for others, even during trials, we can find peace, joy and love in our hearts.

I’ve put together a list to help you celebrate the month of love in the Saviors way. Do something from the list each day and notice how you feel as your focus changes.

1. Go to and choose a talk on charity and read it.

2. Pray to have charity in your heart.

3. Send a secret letter of appreciation to someone.

4. Visit a widow and invite her to share a fun memory with you.

5. Donate to a mission fund.

6. Pray for someone who has hurt you and secretly serve them.

7. Call your parent and tell them all the reasons you love and appreciate them.

8. Forgive someone.

9. Pray for the opportunity to see the needs and serve as many individuals as you can in one day.

10. Make a favorite dessert and invite someone over to share it with.

11. Make a valentines care package and send it to someone you care about.

12. Offer to babysit for someone who could use a romantic night out for free.

13. Go to a shopping center and look for ways to genuinely compliment those around you.

14. Purchase long stem carnations or other flower and hand them out randomly to people while walking down the street wishing them a Happy Valentines Day.

15. Send a thank you card to a church leader for their service.

16. Make a list of everything your grateful for.

17. Tell someone all the reasons your grateful for them.

18. Tell Heavenly Father all the blessings your grateful for.

19. Take a meal into someone for no reason other than to give them a break.

20. Write down favorite quotes on charity and share on social media.

21. Memorize a scripture on charity.

22. Make a list of individuals you need to forgive and pray to have charity for them for two weeks.

23. Go the extra mile and do someone else’s chores for them.

24. Call a friend in need and listen for something you can do for them.

25. Send a treat or/and a thank you note to a teacher.

26. Read about the Savior and write down an attribute you would like to work on to be more like Him

27. Resist the urge to judge, if you find yourself judging someone, quickly repent and list ten things you love about them.

28. Tell or write a child and tell them all the things you love about them.

Let’s make February the month for Charity, the pure love of Christ. Print off the list and add your own ideas. Then repeat as often as you want. Happy February!

P.S. This is just a general list and doesn’t actually represent all that I will be doing personally or necessarily the order. The joy of charity and giving service is doing it without needing recognition for what your doing and doing it quietly.


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