Divine By Design

Have you ever recognized a story from your past that keeps poking up its ugly head? I’m not talking about something you’ve done or a rumor, I’m talking about a story that was created in your mind because of things said about you, to you or placed there by the deciever of all? Have you ever had something that you kept telling yourself over and over without really recognizing why, how or even sometimes that it’s even there? I’ve had one playing it’s deadly tune for years. However, as I recognized that it was there I immediately began combating it.

Last year, I purchased a custom made necklace that had the words “I’m enough” printed on them. I’ve repeated that statement often when false ideas would creep in. However, because I know who I am and the divinity that truly lies within each of us, I recognized that it’s time to upgrade to a new personal statement!

Have you ever had somebody in your life who struggles with criticism and fault finding? Have you ever had a relationship where no matter what you did, the emphasis ended up on how you failed to meet the mark again? I’m pretty sure we’ve all experienced this at one time or another. Between the voices of critics, our own internal voice and the lies of the adversary it’s easy to go to that place of feeling like you’re not enough.

My all encompassing goal for this year is “Celebrate!” I’ve personally decided to make this a year of not only celebrating who I am, but celebrating who I believe we all are. In the past, as I mentioned earlier, when those feelings of inadequacy would poke up I would say, “I’m enough.” My new mantra feels more appropriate considering the knowledge I hold near and dear to my heart. My new mantra is, “I’m Divine By Design!” As I pondered who I know I am, I ended up putting my thoughts into a poem.

I’m Divine By Design

I’m divine by design. I’m loved through and through.

I make messy mistakes and do terrific things too.

I’m refuting the believe that I’m not enough.

I am doing my best, a cut stone from the rough.

At times, it may be true that I could do more or less.

Still, I’m truly divine. Completely loved I confess.

When the darts and daggers toward my heart do fly,

I put on my armor, to them say goodbye.

I choose a rich life each day, to forgive and to grow.

A deep love for mankind, it’s so rich it does show.

I’m divine by design. It’s showing all the way through.

I’m growing and changing through the Savior it’s true.

My plan for this year is to read through, ponder and reflect on this as needed. A personal statement for the year is an incredible tool to self soothe and prevent relapse into old patterns of believe again.

Being divine, and I’ve known this for years, simply means that I am of worth simply because I am a daughter of God and know he loves me no matter what. His love is never conditional and always infinite. He is the most patient, loving Father I know. Through His son Jesus Christ I have felt comfort time and time again. This will never change.

I can only expect perfect love from He who is perfect.  By remembering this I can exercise empathy, compassion and understanding towards those who don’t understand, who find fault, and feel the need to point out my lack of perfection. I can also show these same emotions to myself when I fall short and do the same. Yup, we’re all human full of all sorts of shortcomings. It’s time to celebrate all of it. After all, I pretty sure that’s exactly what I was doing before I came down to experience this thing called life.

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