Today I Mourned

In my home town where I grew up, in the news it was reported recently that a man took his life who was involved in horrible sexual and pornographic crimes. It sickened me when I had learned what he had done, I hurt for his victims, I hurt for his wife, his family. Oh, how this hurts. I also hurt for this man who once was a young man needing help. I have no idea of the particulars of what was done or not done. This is not a judgement piece. I just know there are peoples hearts that have been broken on all sides and there always is whenever anything of this magnitude happens. 

Every time I see a story like this I think what more can I do to help prevent such tragedy. The obvious answer is to stay away from pornography all together, but so many are already ensnared. The truth is I am but one. We all need to do our part. We all can do better.

I know my home town community has a thriving recovery program. I know many communities have Addiction Recovery Programs. If you discover a son, daughter, friend or spouse has this problem, tell them about the LDS Addiction Recovery Program. Offer to be a support and go with them and support them in their recovery. Participate with them in overcoming any personal shortcoming you may have. 

If your youth are struggling especially be proactive in helping them in recovery. We can’t afford to turn our heads and look the other way. The programs are confidential and inspired for anyone who is ready to make changes through the help of  our Savior. Youth 16 and older may go to the 12 ARP program if they are accompanied by a parent. Never let fear of what others will think deter you from seeking help. Joining with a community of others, who are seeking to overcome their addictions will give you an added strength that you can’t find when trying to overcome on your own. 

I love the Addiction Recovery Program and testify that there is such an incredible spirit of love found in these meetings. The healing power of the Savior can be found as one goes through each step. There is no shame in attending them and seeking healing and help. The real shame lies in grieving the loss of another brother/sister or seeing the pain of another victim. We all can do much better. With many hands we can help partner with the Savior in healing many hearts. 

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