A Celebration of Me Too

I know what we just witnessed over social media was really hard to view. I wasn’t surprised at all at how many of us have been victims of sexual trauma, abuse and the likes. I wanted to shout out to everyone of you, “Yes! You did it! You joined hands with amazing women from all walks of life and dispelled the myth that you are alone. We connected, oh how we connected. Connection heals like nothing else heals. Knowing your not alone heals. What an amazing army of women you are! We are not victims, we are so much more! We are warriors! 

It’s true we didn’t deserve it. It’s true that many of us haven’t even been apologized to. I know many still carry the anger, the fear, the PTSD, the depression and the anxiety. Yet, we stood together united, UNITED! It was hard to admit, it was painful for many, but we did it and you should be proud of yourself for standing up and joining hands. Wow, just wow! You’re all so amazing! I love you all so much! 

Many have asked, “Now What?” Heal, oh my goodness heal and heal some more. Don’t allow your lives to be held back a day more from the hell you have lived. Join a support group, get counseling, do whatever is necessary to heal. 

I know so many of you have felt the healing power of the Savior already, have courageously forgiven your perpetrators and are already advocating in the most important place we as women can advocate, in our own homes. 

We as women have the awesome responsibility of rearing the next generation and it begins with asking the great men in our lives to join us in teaching by example the importance of proper respect for women and children. For that matter our sons need to learn respect for other sons as well. It all begins in our homes, all of it. 

We begin by turning to God and asking Him in prayer what we need to start, stop and continue doing to help strengthen and protect the family. Then we get up and work like it all depends on us. 

I invite you to study this document as a family. (Link in the photo below)Discuss those areas that need improving and what can be done by each family member.

 We must teach our children, the rising generation to do better, we teach them where to get help and to speak up if ever faced with such a situation. We teach of the suffocating danger shame can be if kept secret. We teach our children that the Savior covers this too, we can’t always protect them. He heals all wounds. We teach them how to defend and protect themselves the best they can. We teach from and study the Family Proclamation together. We do these things because we are warriors and know we can make the most difference right now in our own homes.

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