Women, Be A Voice of Hope

     Several years ago, I had an incredible experience of being allowed to see the heart of a struggling man. It was such a tender experience. I was allowed to see his heart as the Savior saw him. I was working through the steps of forgiveness. I knelt by my bed in prayer and asked Heavenly Father to allow me the gift to see him as He saw him. This gift is precious and so healing. It was at that time that the spirit reminded me of something I hadn’t really thought about before. The spirit taught me to love my brother.

     I am gravely concerned for our army of brothers. All Fathers, Husbands, and Son’s are our brothers. We are at battle with the darkest forces ever established and our precious brothers are a key target. This is a call to action to the most amazing group of women out there, to step up and fight for our brothers. We must continue to voice our love and hope that they will keep themselves unspotted from the world, but so many have become ensnared with sexual type addictions including pornography.  They need your voice of confidence too, let them know we believe in them. Let those struggling brothers know that you believe in the healing power of the atonement of our Savior Jesus Christ. We are blessed with the most amazing help available. Encourage them by letting them know you are there to support their efforts in recovery. I testify in the name of Jesus Christ that healing can take place. I have witnessed it in my life repeatedly. It’s our voice of confidence in them that will give them hope, the second step to recovery.

     In the pre-existence, before we came here, we made sacred promises to follow our Savior Jesus Christ. Thus, we are here having this mortal experience. I don’t know how many of you have watched Saturday’s Warrior, but I have this thought in my mind that as Heavenly Father was deciding who would come forth at this time, He was definitely thinking about the challenges of sexual addiction and pornography that would plague the earth. I’m certain we were having conversations, making promises to come down, accepted assignments to go through certain things and that we are the Saturday’s warriors sent forth to voice our confidence in our brother’s that they can overcome and make it back. We are all Saturday’s Warrior’s sent to prepare the world for the second coming of our Savior Jesus Christ. Now that doesn’t mean it’s our job to fix, nag them, or belittle our brothers. (We continue to teach and testify to all about the dangers and pitfalls of sexual addictions.)  It means we voice our confidence in them and we voice our confidence in the Savior’s ability to heal those who have been ensnared. I’m certain the number of those who have been ensnared in this hellish trap is staggering.

Young Women/Young Single Adult Women

     Satan wants our young men and young single adult men to stay silent and not tell you they have ever struggled. He places fear in their hearts that none of you will ever accept him or will leave him if they tell you. If you have a brother tell you he is working on recovery, pray to know how you can be a support to him. Let him know you have faith in him and the Saviors healing power. Let him know you have faith in him to overcome if he is still struggling.

       Let me explain the evil plan of the adversary concerning our young adult brothers.  This master liar whispers that they must keep their addictions a secret to the day that they die, or no one will ever have them, knowing full well that secrecy will further fuel the addiction, eat them up and spit them out.  Voice your concern about this and encourage our brothers to step forth and get the help they need, that you will be a support to them in their recovery process.  Assure them they are loved and that it’s their responsibility to get the help they need to overcome. Assure them that the healing power of Savior has the ability to transform them. Tell them we are counting on them. Remember that shaming a brother by telling him he is terrible, or simply insisting that he should be able stop it immediately is not really helpful at all. It will only fuel the problem. 

I invite you to prayerfully read the following:

Married Women

     So many of you have experienced the betrayal trauma that comes from a brother who has been deceived and wasn’t honest with you before marriage. Recognize how this has happened. You know the destroyers design is to destroy the family.  Prayerfully go to your father in heaven, ask for assistance and he will send angels to carry you.  Get the help you need for healing and trust the spirit with the answers you are given.

Take courage and have hope. Encourage your companion to go through the steps of recovery. It’s so terribly painful, but help and healing is available. Trust the promptings of the spirit. 

I invite you to read the following article. 


Be vigilant in taking great care to keep our homes safe from pornography. Place filters in our homes and teach our children about the sacred procreative powers as impressed upon by the spirit. Pray for that guidance. If we have discovered a son has an addiction, take care to get him the best help and care possible. Don’t shame him, love him and testify of the healing power of the atonement. There are so many incredible resources, programs, (I will share some of these later) and counseling that can help. Take courage and have hope. 

I invite you to read the following article. It will help you know how to be better equipped.

     I invite you to listen to this beautiful Hymn and to ask Heavenly Father, “What can I start doing to help the brothers in my life? What can I stop doing to help the brothers in my life? What can I continue doing to help the brothers in my life? Write those answers down as they come. Especially use this same pattern of prayer for your personal needs. You have the power to bless lives from on high. It’s not your job to change them or lecture them. Love is the healing ingredient. Act on those promptings and answers you receive. The more you listen, the more you do what is asked of you and the more you obey, the more inspiration will come. The heavens can and will be opened to you as you seek help from on high. You can find joy even in the midst of a terrible storm. 

     We as women can be a voice of hope to a struggling brother. We were born to this and it’s time to fight. We must always fight for our brothers to never go there, but we must also fight for those who have fallen to get the help they need and to trust in the healing power of the Savior. We can do that by strengthening ourselves, listening to the spirit and loving our brothers. 

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