You’re Not Alone

     I was warming up some soup when my 15 year old son popped his head back in the kitchen. “Mom I think I just got a message directly from Heavenly Father.” I replied, ” Oh yeah? What was it?” He started singing, “You’re not alone, I’m going to stand right by you.” I burst into tears and we hugged. Just the words I needed to hear today. We hugged a few times. It was such tender moment. I love it when our teenagers recognize the promptings of the spirit. He is getting really good at it.

     So I share the same message with you. You’re not alone and I’m going to stand right by you. The Savior of the world is mindful of each and every one of us.  He understands the pain each one of us will inevitably experience in this mortality. I love that the Lord feels I’m ready to become polished even more. I expect I will learn some additional incredible things as he walks with me, and He is walking with me and He is walking with you. I feel it in the messages that come to mind through the spirit, I feel it in the heavenly angels who surround me in mortality and many of them are you. I feel it in the those who quietly peek in and share these important messages with others. You are helping hands that are hanging low. So many are crying out to be understood. We are in desperate need of more empathy in today’s world. You are touching lives. 

     This week as I have been working on Step One: Honesty, I have had some really revealing moments. I am working on overcoming a sugar addiction. My health and my future depends on this. I must be on a strict diet. One of the things that section one talks about is writing. 

     I have had the opportunity to eat sugary treats all week. Usually when I have been upset, become angry or am struggling with some personal emotions I head for a treat. Writing about my health, what’s been going on in my head, writing about my hurts, seeing where I need to improve really helped. I didn’t cave at all and have been free from them since Monday. Every time I had a temptation, (the angel food cake Bob had to bring home. Is that a little weird to be tempted by angel food cake?)I thought about you and the addictions you’re fighting in your life. You gave me strength. Thank you. 

     I realize how dependent I am on the Lord, without him I truly am nothing. I know we are all of infinite worth to Him and He is counting on us to do all we can to help bless the lives of others so we can all return to Him. Being honest about where we are and where we want to be will help us get there. If we humbly admit our failings and turn to the Lord He will make weak things become strong. Part of that is that we must hunger and thirst after righteousness. 

     As I grew up struggling with addiction, struggled with coming forward and being honest about what I was going through, there is one thing that was steadfast in my life that helped. It was regular family home evenings, regular family scripture study, regular family prayer and regular church attendance that kept pushing me in the right direction. My parents provided the seeds and fostered a love for the gospel of Jesus Christ in my heart. I can see how the Gospel of Jesus Christ shaped me, even as I was struggling in silence.  It was what kept me going and is what will always keep me going. 

I hope you can see all the ways you are of infinite worth, that you will continue to hunger and thirst after righteousness and journal your thoughts and progress. You’re so amazing!

Last, I want to thank all who have been praying for my health. I have felt your prayers. I am resting and allowing my body some down time over the weekend. 

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