Step One: Honesty

To begin with, I want to give praise where praise is due. We are surrounded by some wonderful strong youth and YSA’s (Young Single Adults) in this rising generation. You are beautiful, brave and valiant! Thank you for your efforts to continue to resist temptation, to fight against darkness and resist the urge to fall into sin. Continue to fight. Resist the urge to look at pornography and engage in sexual activity. You can do this. Those who have fallen into addiction you are so loved! We love you and are here for you. You are part of a noble generation and don’t let anyone tell you your less.

All, who are struggling with any kind of addiction, this is a call to arms. We can do this!

As I share today, I would like to extend an invitation given by a dear friend and myself. As you read my words, prayerfully ponder what addiction you have in your life then decide how this applies to your situation.

If I could share one thing that would prevent  anyone from crossing into the private hell of addiction, it would be this experience I had at the age of nine. At this point my parents eyes were partially open to the seriousness of the struggles I was having. I’m certain there were many tears and much pain as my parents prayed for me. I’m sure there were many prayers going out in my behalf. I, however, denied having a problem and continued to struggle.

I was able to trace this experience I’m about to share back to the exact age because I received a very special gift at this time.  My aunt Julie was preparing to go to Seminary and had received a new set of scriptures containing the Old Testament, New Testament, Doctrine and Covenants and Book of Mormon. I adored my aunt and we played together often. I attribute much of my healing to her example and unconditional love. She was much like an older sister. She had this beautiful Book of Mormon that was in a cream colored zipped pouch. I felt the book was special and wanted one just like it. When she received her Seminary scriptures she gave it to me.

I recognize now that this was a pivotal time in my life as the feelings of the Holy Spirit prompted me to start reading on my own. I don’t remember what I read, just how I felt when I read. I felt pure joy and peace. Oh, how I loved those scriptures.

The very night after starting to read the scriptures, I had what was the beginning of a terrifying experience that lasted for several weeks. Each night when I read my scriptures I had a nightmare and it was terrifying. My body was completely frozen, I couldn’t move, I could hear my heartbeat growing louder and louder as a man stood there laughing at me. As I went to my mother she told me to make sure to continue to read my scriptures and pray and it would stop. The more I prayed and read my scriptures the more it happened. My parents told me exactely what to pray for, still again and again it happened night after night to the point I was afraid to go to sleep. It was a terrifying feeling to feel so completely bound, unable to move each night. It wasn’t until my Father laid his hands on my head and gave me a priesthood blessing that the nightmares finally stopped.

Step 1: Honesty/Admit that you, of yourself, are powerless to overcome your addictions.

This describes my experience perfectly. I was powerless against the destroyer of souls as I was bound in the chains of addiction. This is what addiction does to you. It freezes you, binds you, and keeps you so stuck as the Advesary, the Father of all lies, laughs at you. Though both are crucial for recovery, it doesn’t matter how much you pray, it doesn’t matter how much you read your scriptures, it doesn’t just simply go away. I was completely powerless and had to get outside help. I, myself, was completely powerless to overcome my addictions because my life was completely out of control.

Secrecy is what keeps you bound in sexual addictions. In order to begin unlocking those chains, you must be honest and admit you have a problem, go to your Bishop and ask for priesthood help. Join an addiction recovery program and allow the Savior to heal your wounds. The program is inspired and the support is necessary to combat those voices that you are alone. Please take a minute and watch this short video then come back.

If I could extend an invitation to each individual, it would be to invite everyone to go through the 12 Step Program once a year for any bad habit or addiction. This program is inspired and will lead to the most amazing journey! Let’s show all those who are struggling with serious addiction that we have their backs, that we have faith in them and their ability to overcome. Let’s show them just how much we love them and join them in this fight by fighting to overcome your own obstacles. It’s time to dispel the myth that they are alone. We are battling for the future generations! It’s time to join the addiction army. Just follow the link below to get your own PDF file.

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