When Life Gives You Lemons….Make Cookies

Oh my goodness, this summer has been so busy. We just got through our craziest time of year. When Life gets stressful what do you do? I hope you allow yourself time to create, it really is therapeutic and a great way to unwind. I’m looking forward to mixing up another batch of cookies and sharing with you some additional great theme ideas. I call it creation therapy. 

So today I will be sharing instructions on how to make four delightful lemonade cookies that will complete the lemonade theme. These would be so much fun to serve at a summer party or barbecue. Add a glass of lemonade and you have the perfect pairing. 

I want you to notice that I have categorized them into levels. I will be using this in all future posts. 

Beginner: Have no experience, this is the place to start.  These are also the fastest cookies to make. Great for families and children. 

Level One: These are easy enough for a beginner with a few added elements. They are relatively fast to make, but have more than one step involved in the process and require drying time, between steps. 

Level Two: More Time Consuming, more detailed.

Level Three: Advanced techniques, longer drying times or more drying times involved in the process. 

So let’s begin by getting our supplies together.


• Long Fancy Plaque, Rectangle, Cupcake and Flip Flop Cookie Cutters (To make bar cookie, cut out rectangle and use pizza cutter to divide into two bars.)

• 3 Wilton couplers, 3 Wilton Decorating Bags, #2, 3 or 4 Wilton Round tips, Wilton pink coloring, and Wilton yellow coloring. 

• 3 squeezable condiment containers

Yellow, Pastel Yellow, Pink, Pearl White, and White SweetSticks Edible Art Paint

1 Batch Merigue Icing 

Cookie Dough

Follow this link for General Icing Directions and enjoy other Lemonade themed cookies. 

Enjoy the tutorials!


Plaque Lemon Cookie – Level Two​
Lemon Cookie Bar – Level One

Lemonade Flip Flops – Level One​

Lemonade Cupcake Cookie – Level Three​

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