Summertime Lemonade

There is something about a hot day that pairs perfectly with a chilled glass of pink lemonade. These days, I prefer honey sweetened lemonade. It’s my favorite beverage of all time. So it’s not surprising at all that I would choose a lemonaid theme for today’s cookie post. 

Growing up we actually had a lemonade stand, it was more like a punch stand, I remember being particularly fond of the peach flavor as well. My brother and I sat out on Highway 89 a few blocks from our family home with the red vermillion cliffs of Kanab, Utah as our back drop. We had a cooler full of ice, canning jars full of punch and a sign advertising our business. It was such a hot day and to keep cooled off, what did we do? Well we drank punch of course. By the end of our venture, we didn’t make a profit because what little bit we made had to go and pay for the product we used. Mom was good at the tough love thing and taught us about expenses. We learned if you want to make a profit, you can’t use it all up yourself. 

Inspired by childhood memories I have created the jar of lemonade cookie and the lemonade stand cookie tutorials. Enjoy!

Supply List

General icing Instructions: 

Prepare my meringue icing as given in the instructions. Divide it into three bowls and mix colors into all, but the white. Add coloring a few drops at a time) You should have white, pink and yellow. Add 2-3 heaping tablespoons to each disposable bag with coupler and tip already in place. Then take remaining icing and water down each bowl one Tablespoon of water at a time, mixing with a fork until you reach the desired consistency. You know it is right when the icing will naturally fall slowly to a flat point. Be careful to not thin it too much. It still needs to be a bit thick or it will run every where or won’t dry flat. Pour icing into condiment bottles and you are ready to decorate.
Want to add a little something special, add some lemon flavoring instead of vanilla to your dough.  It adds just the right touch for the lemon theme. 

Enjoy today’s tutorials and create your own rendition. 




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