Strawberry Sugar Cookies

We are entering summer soon and the season for berries. I have fond memories in my grandmotherimg_1357‘s raspberry and strawberry patches. She would help us find the ripe ones and let us pick a few and eat them right out of the garden. Time sure has flown since that time.

img_1325 I was just made a grandma myself this last week, a grandmother of twins. (one of each) I’m thinking I better get hopping and plant my own berry patches if I want to have them established by time they are old enough to find their own treasures of sweetness while at Grandma K’s house.  I’m in total love with these two cuddly bears. In the mean time we don’t have to wait to make and enjoy these yummy strawberry cookies. (Now don’t fret, of course I’m not feeding the infants cookies.)

In prep they were iced in a meringue icing and then hand painted with Sweet Sticks Edible Art Paint. I love this paint and how it doesn’t change the flavor of the icing at all. Being an artist, I really love the watercolor look to these cookies.


I used red, bright melon green (referenced as watermelon green in video) yellow, brown and a bit of champagne gold. ​I hope you enjoy  watching this tutorial and get inspired to paint your own berry beauties definitely good enough to eat.

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