Naked Stacked Cookie Cake

Sweetly Give Naked Cookie Cake
Over the years I have come across many individuals who simply do not like cake, absolutely hate large gobs of icing, and would rather have a good old fashioned cookie instead. So what happens if the happy engaged couple want a wedding cake, but neither like cake? Naked cakes have been the trend over the last few years, so why not? How about a naked cookie cake.

A small amount of icing is placed between the cookies to get them to stick together. Fruit spreads or fillings could be used between layers too. If you use a good butter cookie recipe the cookie cake can be eaten simply by pulling it apart one cookie at a time. If you use a softer cookie recipe, you can still cut and serve like a traditional cake.

In my representation I used fresh berries to decorate, used a blush colored icing between the layers and to keep the berries in place.  I actually cut several of the berries in half to make it easier to adhere them to the cookies , then dolled it up with some fresh babies breath. I hope this inspires your own ideas.

Have fun creating,


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